Stickers and Labels

A-4 sheets stickers.

  • These A4 size label sheets from Desmat can be used for addressing, parceling, shipping, coding, labeling and packaging, etc. These self-sticking labels are provided with premium quality adhesives.
  • They can withstand laser printing or Inkjet and strand grip-on most surfaces. These are made in India product. Very high quality product

A4 Computer Label Desmat (St 2 Cd)

 Desmat A4 Computer Label (St 2 Cd)Self Adhesive Easily Remove & Place a Sticker on your Pr..


A4 Label Computer Oddy (St 1)

A4 Label Computer Oddy  (St 1)Ensure high Quality Standards of Adhesives specially to withstan..


Desmat A4 Computer Label (St 3 Cd)

Ideal for home & office use. Use for addressing, Parceling, Shipping, Coding & Labeling etc...


Desmat A4 Paper Photo Coated (130 Gsm)

Paper Photo Coated A-4 130 Gsm Desmat- It's special surface coating technology enables you to g..

₹156.00/- ₹165.00/-

Paper Digital A4 100 Gsm D'smat

Paper D.O. A4 100 Gsm D'smat -  DO Paper Super High Bright Paper 100 Gsm Suita..


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